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"Digital Cinema"
Now Thru Thurs,Apr 24

Now Thru Thursday:7:30PM

An Action-Packed Thriller Starring Liam Neeson,Julianne Moore,Linus Roache,and Lupita Nyongo. Running Time:1Hr.47 Minutes.
Alcoholic and world-weary, U.S. Air Marshal Bill Marks lost his passion for his work long ago. Even though lives are potentially at stake during every flight, he sees the assignment as just a desk job. However, his ``ordinary day at the office'' becomes a high-stakes crisis during a flight to London. Marks receives a series of text messages demanding that he instruct the airline to transfer $150 million into an offshore account, or a passenger will die every 20 minutes.
Starts Fri,Apr. 25
Three Features With Separate
Admissions Required

Muppets Most Wanted

Sunday Matinee:2PM

A Hilarious Comedy Adventure For The Entire Family Starring The Muppets,Ty Burrell,Tina Fey,Ricky Gervais,Ray Liotta,Tom Hiddleton,Celine Dion,Stanley Tucci,and Many More Surprise Guest Actors. Running Time:1Hr.46 Minutes.

Dominic Badguy, the Muppets' new manager, convinces the gang to embark on a European tour. Kermit the Frog doubts that it's a good idea -- a feeling that's proven right when look-alike Constantine escapes from prison, takes Kermit's place, and lands Miss Piggy's sweetie in a Siberian prison. While the frog tries to convince his captors of his true identity, Constantine and Dominic are free to carry out their plan to steal London's crown jewels.

Monuments Men

Friday & Saturday:9:30PM

Held Over Its 3rd Week!! An Action-Packed Docudrama Thriller Starring George Clooney,Cate Blanchett,Matt Damon,Bill Murray,and John Goodman. Directed By George Clooney. Running Time:1Hr. 58 Minutes.
During World War II, the Nazis steal countless pieces of art and hide them away. Some over-the-hill art scholars, historians, architects and other experts form a unit to retrieve as many of the stolen masterpieces as possible. The mission becomes even more urgent when the team learns about Hitler's ``Nero Decree,'' which orders destruction of the artworks if the Third Reich falls. Caught in a race against time, the men risk their lives to protect some of mankind's greatest achievements.


Sunday Matinee:4PM

Held Over Its 5th Week!! Nominated For 4 Academy Awards Including Best Picture,Best Actress(Judi Dench),Best Screenplay,and Best Music Score. A Heartwarming Story of Philomena's Search for Son Who Was Taken From Her Years Before. Also Starring Steve Coogan. Running Time:1Hr.38 Minutes.

In 1952, Irish teenager Philomena became pregnant out of wedlock and was sent to a convent. When her baby, Anthony, was a toddler, the nuns took Philomena's child away from her and put him up for adoption in the United States. For the next 50 years, she searched tirelessly for her son. When former BBC correspondent Martin Sixsmith learns of the story, he becomes her ally. They travel together to America to find Anthony and become unexpectedly close in the process.

(But not in this order)

Mr. Peabody & Sherman
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Captain America 2:Winter Soldier


Cash Only
Children 11 & under/ Seniors over 60:
All Seats $3.00
Monday thru Thursday are Economy Nights:
All Seats $3.00


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