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Super Troopers
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Thorny, Rabbit, Mac and Foster are passable Vermont State Troopers. Stationed in the boonies on the Canadian border, they spend the bulk of their time playfully toying with speeders and taking impounded sports cars for spins on the open highway. When they're not on the road, they try to stay on the good side of their fatherly mentor, Captain O'Hagan, and avoid their tactless, thick-necked compatriot, Officer Rod Farva. All in all, they find their work to be pleasantly unchallenging. However, once the state targets their low volume station for a potential budget slash, the guys decide to buckle down to impress the higher ups. Things look bleak until, unexpectedly, the State Troopers' new "by the book" attitude uncovers a drug smuggling operation running across the border to Canada. Sensing salvation, the Troopers race the clock to crack the ring and save their jobs. But they aren't the only ones in the hunt...

1 hr. 43 min.
Opened January 19th, 2001
Rated R for language, sexual content and drug useCastBrian Cox, Marisa Coughlan, Daniel von Bargen, Lynda Carter, Jim GaffiganDirectorJay ChandrasekharWriterBroken Lizard

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